The Media Team’s Final Post !

We hope you have enjoyed our blog for the last two says, but all good things have to come to an end!

Here’s what people thought about the two days:

Jack Clark, Welland Park Academy: “It was great to be given independence over what we were doing.”

Sam Tooms, Welland Park Academy: “I thought it was very enjoyable because it gave us a couple of days to relax, have fun, and do activities related to our talents.”

Lachlan Lindsay, Welland Park Academy: “It was good fun to do different things to what we normally do at school.”

Georgia Butler, Kibworth High School: I learnt a lot, met new people and I enjoyed working in a team.”

Lori Savi, Kibworth High School: “It’s definitely an experience to take away. It was like curry; at the start it was okay but got a lot better throughout.”

Alex McCarthy, Kibworth High School: “It was really good and I’m more confident with improvisation in music now.”

Will Smith, Welland Park Academy: “I enjoyed composing music. I’ve never been in a music studio before!”

We hope our blog has given you an insight as to what goes on during Project Infinity!

And now, for the last time this year – goodbye!

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Drama and Dance: The Trailer

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The DT Satellite Drop

Whilst heading towards Drama, we found the DT group and they were doing something rather exciting! The “cube-sats” the students had made earlier were about to be tested, by dropping them from a window on the first floor.

The test was to see which balloon would land with least damage, and points were awarded to each team, based on the success of their model. The groups gathered outside, waiting eagerly for the models to be tested; it was really exciting! Here we have a video of the student’s satellites being tested:

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Humanities – Tuesday

In the humanities classroom, the pupils were deep in a serious discussion about what would happen in politics if humanity moved to the moon. Would communism be a good idea? Or would the disadvantages outweigh the advantages? Also, the pupils were thinking about how different cultures would live together as a group.

After this, they went into another classroom, and learnt how to put together a good argument to get your points across. They then began a discussion about how the Universe was created, including lots of heated debates.

Altogether, the humanities pupils had some serious and thoughtful discussions, and will go home with some deep, unanswerable questions.

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Music Preparations for the Presentation

This morning in the music room, students were preparing for their performance this afternoon. The piece they are going to perform – called  “Wipeout” – has a jazzy feel and was very catchy. It started with a 12 bar introduction from Marcus on the drums and then a solo piece on the saxophone from Alex. Then the whole group came started playing in unison with simple (yet effective) choreography.

Midway through the piece, solos were played by Lachlan (on the cello), Emilee (on the flute), Alex (on the saxophone), Joe (on the saxophone) and a duet from Emily-Grace and Georgia on the flute and clarinet. The group were also looking to introduce a guitar solo to improve their music even further. It sounded great when we listened to the piece this morning, and hopefully it will be perfected and will sound even better at the presentation!

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In the DT room, the air was filled with useful discussions. The class was divided into groups of about four or five, each of which was deciding how best to go about the project they had been given. They were designing a box, called a “cubesat” (short for “cube satellite”) which could fall from Space without being damaged, using materials such as bubble-wrap, string, tape, and balloons. The designs were all very creative, and definitely practical.

The products started to get made, using lots of techniques, such as soldering and computer programming, and there was an active atmosphere. We can’t wait to see the end products!

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Humanities presentations

The humanities group are back in room 50 and having a very creative lesson.  They have been split into 2 groups and divided in half within those groups.  One part of the group is making a model of mars whilst the other is working together to create a poster displaying information together.

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Music (After Lunch)

In music the students have been having lots of fun! They watched a series of short films and used their musical knowledge to predict what type of film it would be, just from the music. They were then shown three videos with no music and their task was to compose a piece of music to match the type of movie. The films were all sci-fi based (because our project is based around space). Students used the skills they learnt earlier to compose the music in groups and work together as teams. As we were looking round, we heard some great pieces of music being composed and some great ideas being shared!

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Humanities with Mr Davies in the IT room

This afternoon, Mr Davies’s humanities class were in the IT room researching the planet Mars in preparation for their next activity – creating posters. They seemed to be enjoying themselves, and this interview from Ed Duggan (Kibworth High School) explains what they have been doing.

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In the Max, the Drama group were having lots of fun with Miss Bloom writing their own space scene. The scenes are about a spaceship crashing into a comet and the drama group had to act out the events. Each scene was very well written and involved both tragedy and comedy. There were lots of creative ideas between the three groups they were divided into. Each group had to pretend to be either the mission control on board the spaceship or the family of the mission control. There were four people in the spacecraft and four people in the family and they were all working together to create a play for the final presentation tomorrow afternoon.

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Drama – from a different viewpoint !

Down in the Max drama studio, the students with Miss Bloom are having a great time! They are writing a short space-themed play which is to be shown to everyone tomorrow afternoon to the other Project Infinity students and the parents who are coming along. The below interview explains this in more detail. Earlier today, they were watching videos on the screen, so as to gain ideas to inspire the play – as a result, we couldn’t give you an update on them until now.

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Humanities, with Miss Cordwent

When we entered the Humanities room, the atmosphere had a lively feel to it. The class was divided into three small groups, all of which were in deep discussion. They were deciding what actions they would take if they were stranded on the Moon, and putting objects into order of importance. Unsuprisingly, oxygen tanks came high on the list!

What was your first impression when you found out you were doing Humanities today?

James Melody, Welland Park-“I felt curious about what I was going to do.”

Have you used any other skills other than Humanities?

Hannah Barrow, Kibworth High – “Yes, I’ve learnt how to listen to other people.”

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Students in Science were using models to balance equations and then testing indicators to determine wether they were Acids, Alkalis or neutrals. After that they used dry ice, indicators and acid to create a witches cauldron effect which is used in Films and at halloween.

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After break, the music group had lots of fun learning to transpose music and how to improvise. The group was given a scale (which was transposed so it could be played by all the instruments) and they had to play it over and over and improvise notes. For example, they could play the first, third and fifth notes, or some repeated to make it unique. For 15 minutes after break, the group was in the classroom being briefed about the task, and then they played the music on their instruments; they were really excited to finally get to play! There was a variety of instruments including drums, french horns, flutes and even a cello being played by the group!

Daryanne (from Welland Park) said that “it’s simple to do, but I’m really enjoying myself,” and from the exciting atmosphere, I think most of the children felt the same. Everyone was enthusiastic and having a great time, and the group are hoping to make more music later.

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We Have a Problem…

At the start of the day, people from Kibworth High and Welland Park arrived at the Max. Once everyone had signed in, we began to get to know each other. After this, Mrs Greene, a science teacher at Robert Smyth, spoke to us about the meaning of the word “infinity”. It’s definition is “never ending”; even the largest number you can think of multiplied by the largest number you can think of is not as large as infinity! This project is named “infinity” because there are no limits to what you can achieve.

Comets are the focus of this project. Did you know that comets could have started life forms? Science has proven that billions of years ago, comets helped shape the land, helped early life forms begin, and gave us water to live on. Mexico is the shape it is because of a comet that fell on our planet thousands of years ago. The comet managed to wipe out dinosaurs, and give life to mammals on Earth.

Mrs Greene had planned to make a model comet, out of water, soy sauce and other things. Unfortunately the dry ice (also known as solid carbon dioxide) did not turn up, so we hope to perform the experiment tomorrow afternoon.


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Who We Are

Welcome to the blog for Project Infinity 2013!

We are the journalist team.  Over the next two days we will be collecting information about what people are doing in their subjects. We will be giving live updates on the Project Infinity blog. Our team consists of Aaron Carson and Henry Povoas from Welland Park Academy, and Anna Samuel and Melissa English from Kibworth High School.

We hope you enjoy reading about our exciting two days!

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2013 Ready for takeoff!

Project Infinity 2013 runs for two days, starting Monday 10th June. Follow all the action from this live blog. We’ll be posting updates from about 10.30am.

This year we have the addition of a humanities strand. Find out what this involves when we report on the events of Project Infinity 2013.

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Pitch Black Rehearsals (Music)

Early afternoon and the music students are really getting there! They have been split into three different groups and are all expected to compose their own piece of music, suited with a short space clip called ‘Pitch Black’. Each group is diverse with Welland Park pupils and Kibworth High pupils so everyone has been given the chance to interact with students from the other school. The groups are getting on well and should have a final composition ready to show the rest of the G&T team this afternoon.

We asked a few pupils from different groups a few questions. Read the interview below:-

How would you describe your piece in one word?

Jane Earland from KHS said, “Drifting.”

Was everybody involved in the ideas process?

Isabelle Jackson from KHS said, “Yes, everyone took some part in the final piece.”

Do you work well together?

Roisin McGowan from KHS said, “Yeah, it didn’t take long until we were all familiar with each other!”

What are you hoping to achieve by the end of the day?

Isabelle Jackson from KHS said, “A good piece of music which suits well with the music we were provided.”

Are you working quickly or is the process slow?

Matilda Cowlishaw from WP said, “We have managed to work quite quickly so I think we’ll meet our deadline.”

What is different to the music here than at Welland Park?

Esme Butler Davies from WP said, “Better, there are more opportunities to get involved in bigger and better instruments and there are more activities which include music.”


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Drama – Final Dress Rehearsal

The Drama department have just been enjoying their final dress rehearsal, before our big presentation at 2 pm this afternoon. They have spent the day putting together and practising their sketch, and have just started to plan and experiment with an array of props and costumes. The piece they put together, is a comedy play, based around the possibility ofa meteor hitting the earth. Some students spoke to us about how they were getting on;

Alicia Patel, Kibworth High said: ” Everything is very fast moving and exciting, and our piece is coming together brilliantly”.




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