STEM – Egg Drop Finale


The aim was to create a crumple zone to absorb the force of the drop.┬áThe group was split into four teams and each team fired their own protection invention up and over a variety of different sized walls. Once the egg (and its crumple zone) had been fired, it would ‘safely’ land on a board that represented a target. The teams were:

Team Ben 10:

Ben I , Theo E, Jack C and Lewis D with a total of 6 points.

Team Aaron Baron:

Aaron B, James D-B, Matt P, Alex B with a total of 32 points

Team Deep Space 9:

Luke M, Joe B, Jack S, Charlie C, with a total of 68

Team Gravity

Rose S, Tess W, Mia E-M,Georgia H with a total of 34

The prize was a bag of Randoms each for the winning team!


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